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Water Awareness Month

In coordination with the California Water Awareness Campaign, the Twentynine Palms Water District observed the month of May 2013 as "Water Awareness Month". In preparation for this observance, the District worked to promote public awareness about the vital role of water and the importance of its conservation and protection.  Throughout the year, the District provides educational bill stuffers with helpful tips and reminders to promote water conservation.  Included in the May and June billing was a brochure on water efficient landscape. This brochure was also made available at the offices of the Twentynine Palms City Hall, City Library and Chamber of Commerce.

The District provides a water education program for schools in the District's service area.  During the school year, 5th and 6th grade educators are offered the opportunity to have a representative provide a presentation to their students about their local water supply and the importance of water conservation and protection.

Along with this program, the District sponsors a poster contest open to all 5th and 6th grade students in the area.   The 1st place winner received a $50 gift card and the 2nd and 3rd place winners each received a $25 gift card.  Contest prizes were kindly sponsored by the Morongo Basin Conservation Association.  The winning posters are on display at the TPWD offices and featured on this website as a way to celebrate and promote water conservation and education.

                                                                              2013 Contest Winners

            1st Place Winner                                            2nd Place Winner                                    Third Place Winner


Be A Water Cycle [ist]
Xavier - 5th grade
Ms. Pacheco's Class
Oasis Elementary School

Save Your Water
Kirsten - 5th grade
Ms. Pacheco's Class
Oasis Elementary School

Save Water
Devhan - 5th grade
Ms. Pacheco's Class
Oasis Elementary School