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Service Preparation

Many property owners and tenants are not aware of precautions that should be taken to protect against damage to their property when water service is turned on, especially if the property is not occupied.  Before you schedule your water service turn-on be sure to:

  • Turn off all interior and exterior faucets.

  • Turn off swamp cooler lines.

  • Turn off sprinkler system.

  • Check that bathrooms are in proper working order.

District staff will try to determine if water is running after the water service is turned on. If water is running, the service will be turned off at the customer valve that is located inside the meter box and a door hanger will be placed explaining that water was running when they attempted to activate your service.

***The District is not responsible for any damages that may occur from water service turn-on either from excessive pressure or the condition of the customer's plumbing