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This section (drop down tabs) includes information on the District's facilities, distribution system, current projects, bid opportunities, water quality, and information for developers. If you are looking for information not included here please contact the District for assistance.  

The District's proposed revised Urban Water Management Plan and Summary of Revisions (Adobe PDF) is now available online.  The State of California Water Code requires water suppliers serving more than 3,000 customers to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) to promote water conservation and efficient water use.  Objectives of the District's UWMP include the following:

To accomplish water supply planning over a 20 year period in 5-year increments.

To identify and quantify water supplies for existing and future demands in normal, dry, and drought years.

To implement water demand management and efficient use of urban water supplies.

The purpose of a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) is to outline the role of the District in management of the local groundwater resource and to develop a management plan that can be implemented by the District to protect the quantity and quality of groundwater within its service area.  The GMP also assesses the current status of the groundwater basin and defines how to best manage the basin under local control.  The Groundwater Study for the Mesquite Lake Subbasin was performed.


                                                            CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just about anywhere you dig there could be water lines or other under ground facilities.

To avoid hitting them be sure to call DigAlert beforehand (800-227-2600) to have them marked.

DigAlert coordinates with the water District and other local utilities to offer you this service free of charge.

It's a simple process to help you avoid the costly error or hazardous situation of cutting a fiber optic cable or damaging a power line, water line or gas main.


 Homeowner's Guide to avoid under ground utilites.