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The District's Arsenic Regeneration System was just featured in the AWWA Journal! Click on the link to read the article: Journal Vol. 109


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FOG (Fats, Oils, or Greases  
protect our septic system and our ground-water.  By keeping it flowing without fats, oils, and greases.  Click on the brochure for more information.  You can help protect our groundwater, the only source of water for 29 Palms,  by keeping septic systems  maintained.     





Take a look at our plant guide (Adobe PDF) for ideas on using native, low-water consuming native plants in your landscape planning. Planting native plants will require less water, fertilizer and maintenance than others grown in milder climates.  Please check with your local nursery for their suggestions about  what is best suited to your specific area. Avoid harvesting (or digging up) wild plants. The disturbance to the ecosystem is
irreversible, and most native plants don't transplant well.

 Planting Tips

  • The use of mulch helps to retain moisture when establishing new plants.  
  • When planting during the warmer months, plant during the early morning hours or late evenings and water generously. This allows the water to seep down into the roots and gives the plant a much needed drink before the heat of the day sets in.