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 GANN Limit versus Budgeted Expenditures Fiscal 2015-2016


**Effective July 3, 2016, San Bernardino County Fire will provide fire protection for Twentynine Palms and surrounding areas

The District has three sources of revenue:  The water rate pays for the cost of getting the water from the ground, into the distribution system and delivered to you.  This includes 10 wells, 11 storage reservoirs and 200 miles of pipe.  The ready to serve charge pays for the cost of overhead expenses (such as office and maintenance facilities, wages and benefits, vehicles and equipment and supplies to maintain the system), incurred regardless of the quantity of water used; this is what it costs to "keep the doors open and the water flowing."  The water availability assessment helps pay the costs incurred by the District to make water available throughout the District.  These are capital costs or operation and maintenance expenses of the District expended in serving water, among other purposes, for domestic consumption and property related purposes.

The ready to serve charge and water rate were increased effective August 1, 2009.  Refer to Ordinance 92 for a list of new rates.  The water availability assessment has not increased since 1995.  Prior to August 2009, the ready to serve charge also had not been increased since 1995 and in fact,  was reduced in the summer of 2003.  At that time, District staff was reduced from 26 regular and 7 temporary employees to the current staff of 24 regular employees. This, along with other economics and some welcome offsetting grant funds received through the auspices of Congressman Jerry Lewis, has allowed us to continue the replacement of leaking, aging pipe, complete the construction of the Fluoride Removal Water Treatment Facility, and begin construction of two additional storage reservoirs to ensure a stable water supply into the future. This has been done without incurring any further debt. Currently our debt principal is $4.1M with annual payments of just over $632K.