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Construction Accounts

Construction Accounts are issued when construction water is being used by development for underground utility construction, dust control, finish grade earthwork and limited rough grading projects.

To establish a construction account you will need to complete a service application.  This can be completed in person or over the phone by contacting customer service.   A refundable deposit of $650.00 must be paid at time of application.  This can be paid in person, over the phone via Visa or MasterCard or by cash, check, or money order.  In usual circumstances, service will be connected within 24 hours of payment of fees.

Unlike residential or commercial accounts, construction accounts are billed on a monthly basis.  Meter reading begins on 20th of the month.  Bills are mailed close to the 21st of the month.  If all is going well with the mail service, you should receive your bill close to the 27th of the month.  Bills are due on the 12th of each month.

Associated Charges

Construction Ready to Serve Service Charge Current RTS fee (per day) times # of days used.


(Average is $247.50 a month or $8.25 day.)

Water Usage Current rate per unit used. 


(See water quantity charge below.)

Installation Charge

Time & Materials

Deposit Construction Meter $650.00 up to 4" meter.  Over 4" is calculated on


size of meter in accordance with Ordinance 87 (Adobe PDF).


Potable Water Quantity Charge


(Per 100 Cubic Feet)


Non-Potable Water Quantity Charge


(Per 100 Cubic Feet)

Related Ordinances and Resolutions

You may also refer to Ordinance 87 and Ordinance 96 (Adobe PDF) and Resolution 03-16, Resolution 11-05, and Resolution 11-22 (Adobe PDF) for related information.