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What is the Water Rate?

The Water Rate that you see on your bill is a per unit charge for the water that is actually used during each billing cycle.  The unit of measurement on which the Water Rate is based is 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons.  The Water Rage supports the variable operating costs of the District.  Variable operating costs increase with customer usage.  Examples of variable operating costs are electric bills for pumping water through the wells, maintenance and operations, payroll for meter reading, repairs and materials for water mains, service lines, customer meters, and mandatory water quality testing fees.  The cost for each of these items rises proportionally with water usage.  The Board of Directors reviews the water rates annually and new rates may be adopted to meet anticipated variable operating costs for the upcoming year.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule for specific rate information.  You may also refer to Resolution 03-16 and Ordinance 92 (Adobe PDF) for additional information.

What is the Ready to Serve Charge?

The Ready to Serve Charge supports the fixed operating costs of the District.  Examples of fixed operating costs are items such as telephone, electric and gas bills, staff payroll, insurance, vehicle operation costs, etc.  Just as your household costs change due to increased electric rates, insurance premiums and etc., the fixed operating costs of the District also change periodically.  The Board of Directors reviews the Ready to Serve rates annually and new rates may be adopted to meet the anticipated fixed operating costs of the upcoming year.    Please refer to the Fee Schedule for specific rate information.  You may also refer to Ordinance 96 (Adobe PDF) for additional information.

What is the Water Availability Assessment Charge?

The Water Availability Assessment (also referred to as the "29 Palms Water Standby") on your San Bernardino County property tax bill, helps pay the costs* incurred by the District to make water available (for any purpose) throughout the District, whether the water is actually used or not.  These assessments are levied on all parcels within the District boundaries excepting lands receiving "fire only" service or those owned by the California Bureau of Land Management.  Current water availability assessments are charged as follows:  $30.00 per each parcel of one acre or less, plus $8.00 for each acre over one acre, up to five acres, plus $7.50 for each acre over five acres to a maximum of $1,200 per parcel.  The water availability assessment is authorized by California Water Codes 31031.7 and 31032.  You may also refer to Resolution 15-08 (Adobe PDF) for additional information.

A public hearing on the proposed water availability assessments is held before the Board of Directors each year in June at the District offices.  A written report is prepared and filed with the Secretary of the District concerning the proposed water availability assessments for all land within the District.  This report is made available for public inspection at the District offices during normal business hours before the public hearing.  Property owners may mail a written protest against the proposed assessments to the District.  At the hearing, the Board will hear and consider all objections or protests.  The public is invited to attend the hearing.  After the hearing, a proposal is made to place the assessments on the San Bernardino County tax bill which will be paid by property owners at the same time they pay their general taxes.  Property tax bills are generally mailed in August/September of each year.  Payments can be made to the County Treasurer in two installments.

*These are capital costs or operation and maintenance expenses of the District expended in serving water, among other purposes, for domestic consumption and property related purposes.

Please Note:  The San Bernardino County Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office charges a .30 cent fee per parcel to pay for their collection services.  The District does not receive any portion of this additional fee.  For example, if your parcel is one acre, your Water Availability Assessment will equal $30.00 plus the County's .30 cent fee, totaling $30.30.  If you have questions regarding other items on your property tax bill please visit the San Bernardino County Treasurer-Tax Collector's website at or call their offices at 909-387-8308.

 What is the Prior Balance?

The Prior Balance, which may appear on your bill, consists of unpaid charges on previous billing or unused credits.  Unpaid charges that appear in the Prior Balance are most commonly delinquent penalties that occurred after you mailed your payment, a balance due from a prior account with the District that remained unpaid after 30 days, a returned check charge or an unpaid fee such as a reconnect fee or tampering fee.  Unused credits are most commonly overpayments from the previous billing or an adjustment applied.  If your bill has an amount in the Prior Balance that you do not understand, please contact the District for an explanation

How do I read my water meter?

Reading your water meter will tell you how much water you're using and whether you have a leak.

Most meters are located near the curb in front of your home under a concrete or plastic lid.  Before and after removing the lid, always visually examine the area around the meter to make sure there are no harmful insects or other animals.     



To read your meter, simply read and record the figures shown. To track your daily water usage, read and record the meter reading on at least two consecutive days. By subtracting the previous day's reading from the current reading, you will find out how many cubic feet of water you used. By multiplying the number of cubic feet by 7.48, you will determine how many gallons of water were used.

To check for leaks, observe the large sweep or test hand for at least 15 minutes with all water turned off.  If there is any movement, there is a leak.

Payment Options
The District offers several ways to pay your water bill.  There is also a payment drop box located by the front entrance of the building for your convenience. Just place your payment in an envelope or use one of the payment envelopes provided at the box. Be sure to include your account number (if available) or service address on the envelope to insure correct processing. Note: All payments put in the drop box will be processed at 8:00 am the next business day excluding weekends and holidays.

Pay by U.S.Mail or in person 
Twentynine Palms Water District
72401 Hatch Road 
Twentynine Palms, CA  92277

The District's return check policy will assess the customer a $25 charge for each returned check.  Returned checks will not be re-deposited. Service may be disconnected for nonpayment at the scheduled termination date for nonpayment.  If that date has passed, the customer will be notified by door a hanger that service will be terminated within 48 hours if payment, including the returned check charge, is not made

Pay by Telephone 
Don't feel like mailing your payment or driving to our office?  Just call us during business hours and we can process your payment over the phone by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Automatic ACH
The District also offers an automatic payment option for you to pay your water bill.  If you wish, your water bill charges can be deducted from your checking or savings account.  If you choose to use this option, you will receive a statement of the bi-monthly charges that will be deducted from your checking or savings account. 

Please be sure to include your daytime telephone number on the authorization form so that we may contact you if we have any questions.  If you have multiple water accounts, a separate authorization with attached voided check or savings account information is required for each water account on which you wish to use the automatic payment option.  If you wish to use the automatic payment option, complete and sign the authorization form (Adobe PDF), attach a voided check or complete the savings account information and return to the District Office.  The withdrawal of the billed amount will occur on the 18th of the month unless that date falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case the payment will be deducted on the next business day.  If your financial institution fails to pay, a fee of $25.00 will be added to your bill for each such lack of payment.  Additionally, if payment is not made before the delinquent date indicated on your statement, penalties will be applied. 

Pay by Debit/Credit Card 
Customers now have the option to pay their water bill using their Debit or Credit card or Echeck.  Click here to pay online.    

* *Customer bills not paid within 26 days after mailing are delinquent. If customer bills become delinquent the District will commence procedures to discontinue service until all District charges are paid in full. District charges which are not paid on or before the day of delinquency shall also include an administrative service charge of 10%.  At least 15 days prior to terminating water service for failure to pay delinquent charges the District shall mail to the service address a notice of the delinquency and impending termination.  For more detailed information please contact the District office.